Baby Development Stages – Your Baby’s Physical Development In His Second Year

It doesn’t matter what exciting to watch your baby grow and learn as he travels through all the baby development stages of his secondly year. During this time your Perkembangan bayi will start to lose his baby chubbiness as he grows longer, leaner and more muscular. When he reaches his second birthday he will be close to half his future adult height.

Baby development development: 13 to 15 months

By this age your baby will be able to opt for things up between his finger and thumb and will be able to grasp two small objects in one hand. He will have the capacity to clap hands and be able to place one building block on top of a different. He will also enjoy trying to feed himself with a spoon in addition to given a crayon, try to make marks with it in writing (or the wall so watch out! ). He will consider getting into a standing position, with support and should be able to create a few steps as he toddles between supports, while walking can actually occur anytime between about 9 and 15 months (I have heard of a baby walking at 6 months but this is particularly unusual). He may also have great fun taking off his shoes and boots and socks.

Baby development stages: 15 to 18 months

During this time your baby will be able to get into a standing position on his own and will be able to be able to walk without trying to reach a new support with his elbows held high. He might enjoy increasing and should be able to negotiate stairs if you teach him the best way to crawl down backwards.

Baby development stages: 18 to 20 months

At 18 to 20 months your baby will be jogging quite steadily and his arms will have dropped down. Quality guy start trying to walk sideways or backwards and may aim to run and also walk up the stairs. He will be able to take care of himself quite well now with a spoon and will be able to make towers of four or five blocks. He will like checking out books and be able to turn the pages himself.

Baby progress stages: 18 to 20 months

At this age your baby will be able to arrive at down and pick something up off the floor without losing his / her balance. His grip will be quite strong now and will be in a position to turn door knobs and twist off loose covers. He should also be able to kick a ball and if she has running he should be able to suddenly veer off in a several direction or stop suddenly without falling over.

Childbirth will be ‘into’ everything in his second year so you must be aware of safety in the home and take any necessary steps. However it a great time in terms of the various baby development stages quality guy pass through so enjoy it.