Cool Sculpting Review – Zeltiq’s Cool Sculpting Miracle?

The following Cool Sculpting review will get you up to speed about what it may possibly do, and if it really works. The science-based company, Zeltiq, has developed a new medical device designed to help you lose fat around specific trouble areas. This noninvasive procedure, called Great Sculpting, was created based on the work first started by Doctor Rox Anderson at the Wellman Labs located at the Boston General Hospital in Boston.

The basic concept is to put on extreme COLD temperatures to the fatty area of the body to securely eliminate fat from the body.

How does it work?

The exact Cool Sculpting process is performed in a doctor’s office nonetheless does not involve any needles or anesthetics. The procedure starts out by using a suction applicator where portions of the skin will be sucked up into the applicator. At this point, the cooling approach begins causing your skin to be in contact with temperatures that are so high to transform the fat from a liquid to a solid. Once during the solid formed, the fat cells will slowly begin to often be destroyed and will safely be processed through the body.

Does this amazing timepiece hurt?

Throughout the procedure there is virtually no pain, some in order to feel a “pulling” or “tugging” effect on their skin tone but it goes away within about 10 minutes.

This should not be thought to be a weight loss procedure and is only done for those clients who are just slightly overweight. I’ll stress in this Amazing Sculpting review that yes, it is approved by the MAJOR REGULATORY BODIES but be careful of copy cat procedures and be Sure to use a real DOCTOR who is experienced in performing the exact Cool Sculpting procedure. Currently, only certain parts of the body are able to currently have this treatment done including:

  • tummy
  • love handles
  • back
  • middle thighs

Zeltiq is currently working on improving the device to allow them to treat other areas of the body, so again, you want to consult your doctor about any area of your body you want help with.

Many other Cool Sculpting reviews have also noted that certain patients are able to see success with Cool Sculpting, averaging related to twenty to forty percent fat loss. While you will begin to discover results in about four to six weeks, it may take up to three months to see your individual full results. Many people are happy with the success of their primary procedure but you are able to have up to three procedures executed on each area of your body. To add safety to the treatment, the good news is required one or two month waiting period between procedures.