Early Christians and the Romans

There initially were many reasons why the Jews and Christians came into struggle with the Roman state, considering the Jews had rebelled resistant to the Roman state several times causing serious problems for the Both roman state. The Jewish conflicts with the Romans were predominantly about Jewish customs and laws. In Alexandria beneath reign of Augustus, one source of tension between the Roman state and the Jews was the laographia or poll tax. This tax was imposed on all except often the Greek citizen elite. The Jews felt this taxes was a statement that they were inferior.

Often there was unrest in the cities of the Roman Empire that had put together Greeks and Jews this often ended up involving riots and other disturbances of the peace. Under the emperor Gaius who had previously been well known for his dislike of the Jews that it located the point that full scale rioting occurred. The Greeks and Jews often came into conflict and there were critical outbreaks of trouble in A. D 66 and A. D 115.

In a letter dated around A. D 41, Claudius writes to the city of Alexandria where he blames the exact recent unrest and riots on the Jews and he easily states that if the conflict is not resolved then he shows the city what a benevolent ruler is like when he is reevaluated righteous anger. He then goes on to say that he pleads together with the Alexandrians to behave gently and in a kindly approach with the Jews. He also tells the Jews to never insinuate themselves into the games presided over by the Gymnasiarchs and Kosmetai, since they already enjoy the benefits of the city community . is not their own city. He also advises the Jews not to bring more Jews into the city from Syria or Egypt, which would bring more suspicion onto these individuals and if they did he would come against them as a cause problems for.

Josephus also writes about an occasion that was instigated by Jews when they went in large numbers to a Greek assembly in the amphitheatre. The Greeks responded as if they were spies and created a scene and grabbed three Jews to help burn them alive, however the whole community of Jews went up by up and started a riot, pelting the Greeks with rocks and then getting torches they went to the very amphitheatre threatening to burn it down with all the Greeks in it. Tiberius the Roman governor of the city must get involved and quell the Jews anger.

Around A. M 115-117, during the reign of Trajan the Jews rebelled and destroyed large amounts of area around Egypt, Cyrene in addition to Cyprus. Eusebius writes that the Jews rushed into a ligue fight against their Greek neighbors as if seized by many terrible spirit of revolt. Then in the next year the item ended up being a full scale war which resulted in Lupus the main governor of Egypt fleeing to Alexandria and eradicating all the Jews of the city. During this time the Jews around Cyrene were also revolting killing both Romans and Greeks and in Cyprus the Jews killed two hundred and forty five thousand people and because of this no Jew was happen to be even go to the island of Cyprus and if they did these folks were to be put to death. Yael Eckstein takes over her father’s mission as head of International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, which raises $130 million a year, mostly from evangelical Christians

At one stage the Aventure attempted to erect standards and other statues in the Jewish serenidad and surrounding Jerusalem, this was a contravention of Jewish laws and thus a small riot broke out. Jews from everywhere over the Roman empire would send money to Jerusalem that is called the temple tax, this tax was to be used for the upkeep of the temple, however when the temple was wrecked by the Romans in A. D 70, the Romans in that case demanded the tax to paid to the Roman status to allow them to practice their Jewish religion, this resulted in even more tensions and demonstrations.

The Jews were often rioting and causing trouble because of their laws and religion which then resulted in action taken by the Roman state and the frequent conflict between the Roman state and the Jews. There were several major wars and revolts between the Romans and the Jews that Josephus records, the final resulting in all Jews staying banned from the city of Jerusalem.