The Story of the Calendar

Tue 02 August 2016

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The Calendar consists of Months, Days, and Numbers and the major purpose of the calendar is to make us aware of what is the current season. Imagine without a calendar, are people still aware of the season? From the beginning, where did Months, Days and Numbers come from? Let’s explore back to the oldest days to track where and how it begins.

The calendar was already started when God created the earth, he creates one step at the time. The Calendar sounds like an organizer, it helps you to be synchronized in the things you want to do. Just like how God created the earth.  He first created the Night and Day, second the Sky and Sea, third the Land and Vegetation, fourth the Stars, Sun and Moon, fifth the Sea creature including fish and Birds, sixth the Animals and Mankind and finally, the Seven day of rest. This is how the weeks were created and that’s why in the calendar, the week is composed of seven days.

After of God’s creation; along the way man became civilized and became more curious about the things surrounding them. The mysterious creation of God is the sky because it changes autonomously; just like a moody person. Skies change from hot to cold; the blazing sun when it’s a sunny day, dark clouds when it’s raining, including the thunder and lightning. From light to dark representing the Night, it has groups of stars. Because of the changeable mood of the sky, the man became curious about it and interested in studying the Sky. And that’s the start of the appearance of Astronomy, Astrology and the Calendar itself.

The Calendar records and predicts the flow of time, throwback from the past moon is the first step in the cycle to determine the month and day.  Primitive people before, that day is a space between two nights while the month is a space between new moons. The month affected the length of time for remembering important events and it’s just like magic months have a significance link with the female menstrual period.

The Year is very hard to measure the length, so what primitive societies did to measure the length of Year was, they started counting the year when the leaves grow on a particular tree and describe the status of someone who had certain numbers of crops or harvests.

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